About Us

Marisa's Purpose: Faith, Hope, & Love


May 2016, my daughter Marisa passed away from drug overdose, making it extremely difficult for me and leaving our family with very 

heavy hearts.

I never thought any of my children would feel the need to experiment with drugs.  I’ve always talked to them about  substance abuse, and constantly let them know they could talk to me  about anything.  It’s easy to think something like this will never happen  to us, and if it does, we end up trying to deny the situation or become  embarrassed of the circumstances.  The truth is, the drugs that are available these days are extremely dangerous and easily accessible.  Once addicted it leaves one feeling dependent on the drug, and feeling helpless.

Marisa  once told me she felt her purpose in life was to help people, and while I  didn’t quite comprehend what she meant at the time, I now know she  couldn’t have been more right.  Marisa may not be here on earth, but her  memory will forever be eternal, and I’m hoping to live out her purpose  through the Marisa's Purpose: Faith, Hope and Love Non-Profit Charity.  My hope in  creating this charity is that we can help as many people as possible  struggling with drug or alcohol misuse in our local and surrounding communities. 

I’ve  spent countless hours/days researching ways to not only get through to  parents, grandparents, and students but also reach out to those who  could be struggling with addiction.  There’s so much information and so  many resources, but thousands of parents, grandparents, sisters and  brothers still remain uneducated and unaware of the drug epidemic  occurring right in our community.

My goal is to raise enough money to help pay for speakers and continue education for students, parents, our community and surrounding communities.  I  truly believe that education and  knowledge will help families and I'm hopeful it will decrease substance abuse  activity in our area.  We need to give parents and kids HOPE!

 I would  appreciate any help I can get in reaching this goal, whether it’s a  monetary donation, help with activities,  or ideas on how to improve what we are already doing.  

Thank you in advance for your time and generosity.

Donations can also be made to Marisa's Purpose Charity through First  State Bank in Monticello.

I hope you’ll join me in my crusade  educating future generations and bringing hope to our community. 

Knowledge Is A Powerful Tool Against Drug And Alcohol Misuse!

May Marisa’s memory be eternal!

With love,
Connie Gyorr and family